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Welcome to the International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre (IFCIC) – which is currently being developed and which has been made possible through the partial funding of the European Union (EU) under the ACP Science & Technology Programme II, a programme implemented by the ACP Group of States. The IFCIC is the brainchild of CRC (Cocoa Research Centre) director and project co-author, Professor Pathmanathan Umaharan.

The International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre (IFCIC) project was designed and developed to effect a step-change process in the fine cocoa sector across the Caribbean which will ensure the sustainability of this important food crop and pioneer a futuristic approach for food security in the region.

Cocoa Facts


of global cocoa production comes from the Americas

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IFCIC Brochure

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International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre

Cocoa Facts


of cocoa comes from small, family-run farms

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Fine Cocoa Museum

Trinidad & Tobago is home to some of the finest quality cocoa grown in the world and has a history of several centuries of supplying the world with the raw materials for making premium chocolate. The country is also home to the largest germplasm and genebank for cocoa varieties in the world and has been mandated by the United Nations to serve as the repository for cocoa planting material for the world.

The Fine Cocoa Museum, to be located at the IFCIC in 2017-2018, and will exhibit artefacts and historical items relate to the life and times of the cocoa sector in the twin island Republic. The Museum will promote our cocoa culture in both the physical and digital (virtual) format.

Business Incubator

From the fine cocoa bean of the cocoa crop are derived numerous food, drink and health derivative products supplying a global industry worth over US$60 billion.

The IFCIC Centre is being established to promote the future evolution of the local fine cocoa sector by providing support – technical, business and logistical – to small businesses (SME’s) which form part of the present or future value-add supply chain in the industry.

Manufactured outputs from the Chocolate Factory will include finished and semi-finished products – such as cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, couverture, baking chocolate amongst others.

Cocoa Facts


growth in total production from 2008-2012

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Cocoa Facts


average year-over-year production increase

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Chocolate Academy

The integrated and multi-purpose IFCIC will house a Chocolate Academy unique to the Caribbean region which will help to educate and train local people in the arts and skills of the diverse food and drinks industry based on cocoa derivatives.

Practical courses and classes on chocolate-making, pastries, confectionery, baking, culinary practices utilising indigenous cocoa beans and its derivatives will be conducted using the equipment and machinery located at the IFCIC site.

The Academy will also stimulate and promote the innovation of new products and recipes at this Centre of Excellence for recent students and practioneers in the food and beverage industry – chefs, restauranteers, bakeries, chocolatiers etc.