Toward Modernisation & Expansion

The International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre is an innovative developmental model conceptualised to support the modernisation and expansion of the cocoa sector, within the context of the emerging global specialty cocoa sector.

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Bringing innovation

IFCIC, from its conception was created to be pivotal in supporting the development of the cocoa sector. It was conceived with the premise that in small island economies the developmental paradigm should be different, given the lack of economies of scale. Innovation along the value chain is key to not only capitalise on our strengths but also to penetrate and stay competitive in niche markets.

Bringing impact

The Innovation Centre was built by UWI-Cocoa Research Centre (UWI-CRC) through grant funding of the EU/ACP Science, Technology and Innovation II Project, it was selected based on its developmental impact and public-private-education strength. The support of the public sector is critical for the national developmental architecture; to diversity and grow the economy.

UWI-Cocoa Research Centre has configured itself as the portal for all UWI resources in supporting the development of the cocoa sector through support of the private sector; research for commercial development.