Welcome to the International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre (IFCIC) – which is currently being developed and which has been made possible through the partial funding of the European Union (EU) under the ACP Science & Technology Programme II, a programme implemented by the ACP Group of States. The IFCIC is the brainchild of CRC (Cocoa Research Centre) director and project co-author, Professor Pathmanathan Umaharan.

The International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre (IFCIC) project was designed and developed to effect a step-change process in the fine cocoa sector across the Caribbean which will ensure the sustainability of this important food crop and pioneer a futuristic approach for food security in the region.

IFCIC will be a multi-purpose, integrated facility which will consist of a Chocolate Factory, a Business Incubator facility, a Living Museum, and a Chocolate Academy. The co-location of these various components will stimulate the production of value-added products locally in the downstream food, beverage and health sectors using cocoa as the raw material.

This will be first known instance of the development of such an INNOVATION CENTRE based on the integration of agriculture, food-processing, research and commercialisation for a single food crop – cocoa – designed to foster a viable food security model rooted in Science, Technology & Innovation.

This project, which includes the incubation of value-add cocoa derivative SMEs (small & medium sized enterprises) will result in the first joint collaboration between academia with private sector in the commissioning of this Innovation Centre.