The propagation house is used to multiply cocoa using a variety of approaches, hardens plants and transfers them to end users. During the training period persons will be exposed to establishment of budwood gardens and seed gardens. Establishment of the propagation houses with various shade regimes to be maintained, sterilisation of soil, preparation of soil mixtures, construction of propagation frames for rooting of cuttings, monitoring the agro-ecological conditions, skills required for grafting (topgrafting, sidegrafting, micrografting, nanografting and budding), record keeping etc. Trainees will be also exposed to testing for cross compatibility and deployment of cocoa varieties in farmer fields. Trainees will also learn how to trouble shoot when problems arise. At the end of the apprenticeship training programme the candidates will not only understand the bestpractices in establishing a propagation pipeline but also acquire the necessary skills to ensure a high level of success.