Advanced Chocolate Making Course (a five-day short course)

Pre-requisites:  Introductory Chocolate Making Course and persons who have skills/experience in making chocolate either from bean to bar or chocolate on an industrial scale.

Course Description: This course offers an advanced theoretical and practical treatment of chocolate making, as well as, further product options with chocolate as a follow on from the Introduction to chocolate making course.  Tempering is revisited with milk and white chocolate making.  Principles and practices in the preparation of ganache, as well as, filling of shells to create a variety of pralines, truffles and bonbons are explored.  Different chocolate moulding and coating techniques are taught and demonstrated to highlight artistry in chocolate making. Guest talks by specially invited chefs and chocolatiers are also part of the programme with a more advanced treatment of sensory (flavour and aroma) analysis.

Resources: Access to training space, chocolate laboratory and chocolate making equipment.  Cocoa beans, cocoa butter, lecithin, consumables for chocolate products and sensory analysis, printing services and office support.  Provision of breaks.