Advanced Sensory Analysis of Cocoa Liquor and Chocolates (A theoretical and practical five-day short course)

Pre-requisite:  Introduction to Cocoa Sensory Analysis

Course description: The course offers an advanced treatment of the principles and practices of sensory analysis with a focus on developing a calibrated sensory panel for both aroma identification as well as core and ancillary flavours in cocoa liquor and chocolate using statistically valid sensory designs and sensory tests.  The chemical basis for flavour is also discussed with dedicated sessions on data organisation and handling.  Essential statistical treatments to consider for checking panelist calibration including analysis and presentation of sensory data are presented, as well as, methods for communicating sensory data (summaries and graphical representation) to various stakeholders – farmers, processors, chocolatiers, consumers are considered.  The practical sessions on sensory quality and flavour profiling will consider a range of flavour descriptors linked to a glossary of terms and a flavour wheel developed for cocoa liquors. The expression of flavour in chocolates from liquor and pairing of chocolates with alcohol form interesting practical sessions.  Advances in sensory analysis around the world and the future of this science are discussed. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to assess cocoa liquors and chocolates for flavours using a statistically valid sensory design and use this for panelist screening as a basis for establishing a trained sensory panel.  Participants also get a starter set of core standard reference samples for continued panelist calibration.

Resources: Four day preparatory work on making liquors and chocolates.  Access to training space, chocolate laboratory and chocolate making equipment.   Access to the advanced sensory toolkit.  Consumables for sensory analysis, printing services and office support.  Provision of lunch and breaks.