Climate Smart Cocoa Production Systems (Two day short course for farm managers, technicians and trainers)

Pre-requisite: No pre-requisites

Course description: Introduction to global climate change and factors influencing climate change.  Climate change scenarios for the Caribbean region based on downscaled models.  The scenarios for climate change for Trinidad and Tobago and its influence on cocoa production.  Existing cocoa suitability maps and predicted changes. The growth and developmental physiology of the cocoa tree and its vulnerability of drought and heat stress.  Use of genetics in combating climate change – tolerance to drought and heat stress or avoidance mechanisms. What is climate smart agriculture?  Use of climate smart agriculture to combat the effect of climate change.  Use of shade trees to combat the influence of drought and heat stresses.  At the end of the course students will be able to understand the influence of climate change on cocoa production in the short and longer terms and be able to implement adaptive mechanisms to counteract the effects of climate change.

Resources: Field trip to farms, training at the IFCIC cocoa orchard, printing services and office support. Provision of breaks