Introduction to Cocoa Postharvest Processing and Quality Management (A theoretical and practical three-day short course)

Pre-requisite:  No pre-requisites

Course description: This considers the considers the concept of quality along the cocoa value chain linked to the optimal expression of genetic flavour potential of the cocoa bean.  This introductory course explores the principles and practices involved in the primary processing of cocoa.  Historical perspectives and the origin of primary processing.  The objectives of primary processing.  The important steps in primary processing.  Quality management along the primary processing process. Different methods of fermentation of cocoa beans around the world.  Setting up a fermentation process. Principles and practices and practical cues in monitoring of fermentation. Factors affecting the progression of fermentation. Principles and practices of halting fermentation and drying.  Best practices in drying.  Monitoring drying rates. Physical quality assessment of bean quality according to internationally recognised protocols are also taught.  At the end of the course the participants will be able to carry out fermentation and drying and be able to monitor the processes.  This is a good course for technicians who carry out fermentation and drying on a regular basis.

Resources: Access to training space and equipment for the monitoring of fermentation and drying. Three day preparatory work to setting up fermentation at different stages.   Access to the drying facilities.  Consumables, printing services and office support.  Provision of breaks.