Introductory Chocolate Making Course (A five-day short course)

Pre-requisites: None

Course Description: The introductory chocolate making course offers the theoretical and practical building blocks for effectively crafting dark chocolate from fine or flavour cocoa beans.  Students gain an understanding of the impact initial cocoa bean quality has on the chocolate they make, key chocolate making theory, as well as, economic and social considerations in the bean to bar chocolate making business. Opportunities for developing and building a chocolate brand are discussed, as well as, packaging concepts and marketing opportunities with a group project to design a chocolate wrapper.   The course also involves a ½ day field trip to a cocoa field to reinforce the bean to bar connection.

Resources: Access to training space, chocolate laboratory and chocolate making equipment.  Consumables including cocoa beans, cocoa butter, lecithin, consumables for sensory analysis, printing services and office support.  Provision of breaks.