Smallholder fermentation, drying to support niche marketing (A three-day theoretical and practical short-course targeted at small holder farmers) – 5 days

Pre-requisite:  No pre-requisites

Course description: The course is targeted at smallholder farmers to support on-farm primary processing and storage of cocoa to allow direct marketing of branded products to niche boutique markets.  The course involves an introductory treatment of the principles and best practices in small scale fermentation, drying and storage as well as the use of CRC-UWI developed pod crackers, fermenters, driers and storage systems to achieve the highest quality product.  The course will also include principles and practices in quality management, monitoring of fermentation and drying to achieve the highest quality, as well as approaches to branding, traceability and certification of beans to allow the farm to get the maximum price for its beans.   At the end of the course the participants will be able to carry out fermentation and drying, ensure safe storage of their beans and keep appropriate records to allow traceability and develop a unique brand for the farm.

Resources: Access to training space and equipment for the monitoring of fermentation and drying.   Small scale pod crackers, fermenters, driers and storage systems, Three day preparatory work to setting up fermentation at different stages.   Access to the drying facilities.  Consumables, printing services and office support.  Provision of breaks.