Volume 2 – 2015

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Section 5. Contributions

Chocolate version 2.0

Micro fermentation toolkits: exploiting the flavour potential of the bean.

The birds, the bees and everything in between – Part 1

Cocoa is not often managed specifically for pollination and perhaps this needs to change.

The birds, the bees and everything in between – Part 2

The plantations suffer from low yields and when coupled with an observed scarcity of midges, there is a question as whether farms have limited amounts of pollinators.

Does Drying Method really matter?

While roasting cocoa beans in the hot tropical sun may seem exotic to some, it is a time and labour limiting step which makes the entire process inefficient.

Bean counting

Productivity is a numbers game but for cocoa, it isn’t as simple as adding one bean on top of another.

The roofed city: Protecting cocoa from an uncertain climate

At a time when climate change is on everyone’s lips, it is imperative that the cocoa industry ready itself for the future.

Cracking the code – Part 1

At the Cocoa Research Centre laboratories in Trinidad, new genetic tools and procedures are being developed and optimised for use in cocoa breeding.

Changing the Face of Cocoa Plantations – Part 1

To maximize yield, scientists at the Cocoa Research Centre are re-thinking the layout of cocoa plantations.

Changing the Face of Cocoa Plantations – Part 2

In an industry where every bean counts, devastating losses from disease can lead a cocoa plantation to ruin.

Searching for the perfect pod

A fundamental understanding of the biology of the planting material, can allow one to successfully exploit its full potential.