Facilitating growth

Fine cocoa offers a competitive advantage to the Caribbean to demonstrate our scientific and technological expertise and business intelligence beginning with the mastery of our unique and exquisite germplasm and how we creatively and sustainably galvanise that potential. The Services offered and how we enable technological and business opportunities though our Incubators and Cluster/Group initiatives.

CRC offers technical incubation support to stakeholders. At present CRC offers technical incubation using its laboratories at CRC in 'chocolate incubation', 'health product incubation', 'cocoa-based beverage incubation' and 'cocoa based cuisine incubation'. These services will be expanded when the product incubators and kitchen are established at IFCIC. These incubators offer the opportunity for persons to work along with CRC staff to improve their technical knowledge, their skills as well develop commercial products for commercialisation. CRC also holds a product development competition yearly to stimulate innovations in product development.

Business Incubator

The business incubator will provide business support to the start-ups; business plan development, niche marketing and branding of products, packaging and labelling, financing, financial management. We will work with InvesTT, CDCTTL, and other government agencies and Ministries to provide other enabling support. UWI will also offer IT-support, training and library services. The incubatees will spin-off into chocolate based enterprises, creating a business cluster around the sector. Other industries specialising in packaging, branding, marketing and transportation, will evolve and create a broad business cluster around the cocoa sector.

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Technology Incubator

The Technology or Product Incubators will allow opportunities for technology incubation, innovative product development support and provide start-up support services designing facilities, procurement of equipment, development of SOPs, training, branding and marketing support. This provides opportunities for persons to work within the incubator using IFCIC equipment and facilities to develop products for commercialisation.