Trinidad & Tobago is home to some of the finest quality cocoa grown in the world and has a history of several centuries of supplying the world with the raw materials for making premium chocolate. The country is also home to the largest germplasm and genebank for cocoa varieties in the world and has been mandated by the United Nations to serve as the repository for cocoa planting material for the world.

The Fine Cocoa Museum, to be located at the IFCIC in 2017-2018, and will exhibit artefacts and historical items relate to the life and times of the cocoa sector in the twin island Republic. The Museum will promote our cocoa culture in both the physical and digital (virtual) format.

The facility is an interactive and Living Museum using modern audio-visual displays which also showcases the latest global trends and future direction of the development and evolution of the fine cocoa sector in the Caribbean region. If you want to know more about the fascinating history of fine cocoa in Trinidad and Tobago and appreciate its future potential then you must visit this informative and educational tourist attraction located just outside Port of Spain. Whilst there you can also sample and taste our latest food, drink and spa products manufactured at the co-located IFCIC facility nearby.

As part of our curating activity we are currently in the process of collating and cataloguing items from the past to preserve and safe-keep this important history for future generations. So if you are in possession of cocoa related items – be they photos, newspaper articles, physical equipment from a cocoa estate – and are interested in contributing towards the development of the collection at this Museum we would like to hear from you.

Drop us an email and come and visit us soon.