Production & Processing

Cocoa Orchard

The model showcases innovations in genetics, horticultural technology and mechanisation to reduce labour use, improve labour efficiency, reduce cost of production and increase yield 16-fold and reduce cost of production by 50%.

Fermentation & Processing

To keep the T & T cocoa industry in the forefront in the face of emerging competition in the fine/flavour sector, CRC has developed technologies in fermentation and drying specific to cocoa genetic groups, which will optimise their flavour potentials.

We have also developed a pioneering small-scale fermentation and drying technology to support estate origin branding opportunities. We are working on developing varietal specific brands; which is totally new for the industry, by optimising the fermentation and drying for each variety.

Knowledge Centre

Twelve (12) knowledge services have been developed positioning IFCIC as T & T's portal to provide knowledge services to the world.

Quality Management

CRC offers a variety of services to clients including DNA fingerprinting services, germplasm services, disease screening services, start-up support services, quality management services, quality certification services, propagation services. Once IFCIC is established CRC could offer services to convert cocoa beans to cocoa liquor or couverture and fermentation and drying services. CRC also offers customized consultancies to clients for bean to bar operations.